Saying Yes To What You Want


It’s Me!

This is not to be confused with accepting what is given to you.

Not all that is given to you is wanted. Not all of what you want will be given to you (nor should). Vocalizing what you want, loudly, with intention and certainty in your voice, affirmatively and definitively, in the present tense, is very different than “not saying no” and creates a very different kind of life. When you simply accept what is given, you leave your happiness to chance. When you actively say yes to the things you want (and consequently no to the ones you don’t) you get to decide what stays and what goes. Continue reading →

The Power Of VISION: How To Make An Awesome 2016 Vision Board

As promised we are back on youtube and it feels so good!

In-keeping with the previous blog post I decided to make a video showing you how I made my 2016 vision board and giving a sneak peek at the goal setting method I’m experimenting with this year! Continue reading →

Happy New Year! – Shifts & Changes For 2016


Happy belated New Year!!!

Hope you all had a great holiday season!!!

We are back after a relatively long, semi-intentional hiatus. It’s important to take time to regroup and re-focus whenever necessary so you can come back bigger, better and more energized and that’s exactly what the plan is for Figuring Things Out. Continue reading →

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!


Amazing performers at the Wuhan Government Foreign Affairls Department Chinese New Year Gala

No matter how you feel about this statement it won’t seize to be true. You won’t get far without a team and I’ll tell you why.

If you’re anything like me, this hurts you deep in your soul because you’re probably the type of person who prefers to do everything by yourself and are very independent with everything you do and you’re very proud of that. Unfortunately for people like us, this tactic won’t get us very far as much as I hate to admit it and here are the reasons why. Continue reading →

‘Finished’ is Better Than ‘Perfect’

Wuhan New Energy Institute (The Calla Lily Building). The architect thought it wasn't perfect but said he's glad it's finished!

Wuhan New Energy Institute (The Calla Lily Building). The architect thought it wasn’t perfect but said he’s glad it’s finished and I am too.

It wasn’t until recently that the question of whether or not excellence was necessary for us to succeed was put in front of me. I mean, what do you mean “is it necessary”? Isn’t excellence essential? Isn’t excellence what separates the people who “kind of” want it from the people who actually do?

Maybe not. Continue reading →

1st Quarter Goal Review ’15


My Canon 600D!

I used to think setting goals was just saying/writing down what you wanted and then magic happened and you achieved your goals. After I started diving into the rabbit hole that is learning about self improvement and goal setting, I realized how simplistic and naive that approach was. There is a science to setting effective goals in a way that almost guarantee’s that they’re attainable. As I learn about goal setting I update my methods and try out different things, trying to find the best and most effective system for me. Continue reading →