Is Reading Enough?

IMG_4450Is the amount of things we read enough to justify having “knowledge” if we don’t apply what we’ve learned? Continue reading →


What I Read in 2015 & Reading Goals for 2016 (#MenaReads)


2015 was a really good year for me in terms of books and things I read. I managed to come across a lot of books that steered me to looking deeper within myself and facing some personal issues and blockages that were keeping me from reaching my highest potential and I plan on maintaining that as a focus for 2016.

I’m generally very much attracted to anything self-help, self-improvement, personal growth, shadow work etc., so it makes sense that most of the books I’m about to mention fall into these categories. I’m also very much into health and understanding the human body with a focus on holistic health and homeopathy so some of the books here will also be about that too.  Continue reading →

The Power Of VISION: How To Make An Awesome 2016 Vision Board

As promised we are back on youtube and it feels so good!

In-keeping with the previous blog post I decided to make a video showing you how I made my 2016 vision board and giving a sneak peek at the goal setting method I’m experimenting with this year! Continue reading →

Happy New Year! – Shifts & Changes For 2016


Happy belated New Year!!!

Hope you all had a great holiday season!!!

We are back after a relatively long, semi-intentional hiatus. It’s important to take time to regroup and re-focus whenever necessary so you can come back bigger, better and more energized and that’s exactly what the plan is for Figuring Things Out. Continue reading →

Figuring Things Out – Finding My Voice

From Marc Ecko’s “Unlabel: Seling You Without Selling Out”

From time to time most of us reach these milestones along our journeys that aren’t achievements per se but a point of pause and questioning where we’re not quite sure of what we’re doing or if what were doing is what we really want to be doing or if we’re doing things right, whatever the definition of “right” is to each of us and I’ve been a little stuck on these milestones recently and while trying to work through them I thought maybe other people were had the same feeling sometimes and I’m thinking of exploring these feelings here from time to time. Continue reading →

Success is a Matter of Habit


I’ve been sort of stuck in a rut or as I like to say, I’ve been in my feelings for the last couple of weeks and I was going to write a very sad post about how nothing is going right and everything sucks but in the spirit of trying to keep positive and actively doing things to get out the rut I decided to talk about the importance of developing and keeping good habits instead.

I was recently reminded of how most of what we think is guided by our feelings and feelings are not facts, meaning, the things you think to yourself, about yourself, about others, about the situations you’re in etc., are most likely just Continue reading →

Money Talks [5]: Investing (A Non-Conventional Approach)


When most of us hear the word “investing” we think “stocks”, “bonds”, “company shares”, “IPOs” or simply “I can’t do that” and I’m here to tell you that I’m still learning how to do it (Notice how I didn’t say “I don’t know” or “can’t” do it? We’ll get into that a little later on) so that’s not the type of investment we’re going to talk about today. Continue reading →