The Power Of VISION: How To Make An Awesome 2016 Vision Board

As promised we are back on youtube and it feels so good!

In-keeping with the previous blog post I decided to make a video showing you how I made my 2016 vision board and giving a sneak peek at the goal setting method I’m experimenting with this year!

I strongly believe in the power of visualization and when making a vision board I like to focus on strong and meaningful imaging and wording. This year’s vision board includes phrases like:

  • Born To Thrive;
  • You Are Absolutely Brilliant Every Hour Of The Day and my personal favorite,
  • A Pinch Of Hustle Turns Passion Into A Career.

If you remember the last time I made a vision board it was enormous! I definitely came a long way with learning how to properly formulate a vision board, on learning how to focus on the most important things I want to manifest this year and how to truly construct and articulate a visual aid to help me focus and thrive.

A lot of credit is definitely due to Jinny Ditzler’s amazing book “Your Best Year Yet! Ten Questions For Making The Next Twelve Months Your Most Successful Ever” which I’ll be reviewing at the end of the year.

Hope you all enjoy the video and remember to subscribe to the channel to get the updates as soon as a video goes up on youtube. Also remember to like, comment and share it with a friend!

What are your goals and resolutions for 2016? Do you have a vision board for the year? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Leave them all below!





  1. I like your vision board hon, I wonder where do you hang it up? I have a few goals for this year and they are continuations from last year…for e.g. I am so gung-ho with my blog, I have a few major changes I want to make and I’ve got a website developer involved…I want to be a better sister, daughter…I want to be healthier, fitter…I’m not gonna lie this year has mos def being the worst start of the year ever for me so its been hard keeping at this but I remember reading this article, actually it was to do with dieting and it said something like when you fail one day, just know you can start afresh with the next day, dont give up entirely and that’s what I’m doing! I’m down with the Gone In The Wind quote, Tomorrow Is Another Day!!! ( :


    1. I’m so sorry to hear that love. It’ll definitely get better. Like Gordon Ramsey says’s “it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish!” so keep pushing! My vision board stays at my desk leaning against the wall like a picture frame (can’t drill holes in my dorm room). I think “Your Best Year Yet” would be a great book for you because it breaks down goals in terms of major roles you play in your life (like friend, business person, sister, your own personal coach, etc) so that you make goals that are balanced and no major area of your life gets left out. You might want to check it out! And yes, definitely start over as many times as necessary. Take a day to sulk if you need to but then get right back up!


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