Money Talks [5]: Investing (A Non-Conventional Approach)


When most of us hear the word “investing” we think “stocks”, “bonds”, “company shares”, “IPOs” or simply “I can’t do that” and I’m here to tell you that I’m still learning how to do it (Notice how I didn’t say “I don’t know” or “can’t” do it? We’ll get into that a little later on) so that’s not the type of investment we’re going to talk about today. Continue reading →


Money Talks [4]: Saving


There are many points of view when it comes to saving. Most people advocate for it, some people prefer focusing on investing in stocks and bonds as a more reliable way of saving money. Since I personally am not in a position to start formally investing just yet I’m creating a sort of “nest egg” while I learn about formal investing and decide how I want to go about it. Whether you’re using a formal government saving plan like a pension plan or just choosing to do it on your own through savings accounts, I believe Continue reading →

Money Talks [3]: Spending


When trying to improve your financial management abilities, learning how to spend consciously and responsibly is a very necessary skill. Things like self discipline and strong willpower when it comes to spending are all things we can work on to become better at. No, it’s not the end of the world if you feel you’re not good at them and no, not everybody was born with incredible self control and strong willpower. In this installment of the Money Talks Series I’ll be sharing with you a few things to keep in consideration when shopping or just generally spending money that will keep you in track with your financial goals: Continue reading →

Money Talks [2]: Budgeting


Finally! The much awaited part 2 of the Money talks series where we discuss spending, saving and investing. As I stated in this previous post, I was a bit hesitant in writing this follow up because a lot of changes to my spending were happening but as it turns out, all the changes did was reinforce how efficient my budgeting plan is and so I decided to share it with you all! Continue reading →

Money Talks [1]: Spending, Saving and Investing

Hello! And welcome to the blog!

In this first installment of the Money Talks series we’ll be talking about the importance of knowing about money and how to manage it, specially in a moment where financial literacy is the difference between those who make money and get rich and those who make money but are still broke. I’m far from an expert in this and I’m learning as I go but I thought it was important to get the discussion going and hopefully I can learn as much from you guys as you can learn from me. I’ll be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of my experiments with getting rich or mooching off of friends and family for the rest of my life dying trying. Continue reading →