Money Talks: Reasons Why You Can’t Save Money

DSC_0921I’ve been sort of running away from discussing money topics for a while now because I’ve been having trouble understanding why was it that after figuring out how to make more money and being familiar with lots and lots of money saving methods and having saved so successfully in the past, I still managed to return to zero savings on a somewhat regular basis. It was a cycle: I’d make money, save for a while, say 6 months, and then blow it all on random things. I could not figure out why this was or how to get out of this cycle so staying true to my geeky self I decided that this year I was going to figure it out and I did just that. Continue reading →


Impostor Syndrome And The Truth About Creativity

It's me! Some 20+ Years ago.

It’s me! Some 20+ Years ago.

I woke up one day a few weeks back feeling like an impostor. It seemed like I was pretending to be all of the different things I consider myself to be or aspire to be and I felt very undeserving of the tittles I was giving myself. Architect? Writer? Fashion Designer? Blogger? Creative Consultant? I felt like an impostor.

Does this sound familiar? Continue reading →

‘Finished’ is Better Than ‘Perfect’

Wuhan New Energy Institute (The Calla Lily Building). The architect thought it wasn't perfect but said he's glad it's finished!

Wuhan New Energy Institute (The Calla Lily Building). The architect thought it wasn’t perfect but said he’s glad it’s finished and I am too.

It wasn’t until recently that the question of whether or not excellence was necessary for us to succeed was put in front of me. I mean, what do you mean “is it necessary”?┬áIsn’t excellence essential? Isn’t excellence what separates the people who “kind of” want it from the people who actually do?

Maybe not. Continue reading →