A Letter to My Present-Day Self

Red-flowers-in-a-meadow-on-a-background-sunsetI know if feels like everything around you is falling apart. I know you it feels like you’ve disappointed the people around you and that you could have done more or should have handled things better. The weight of the world falls heavily on your (almost) 24-year-old shoulders and you’re afraid you’ll drop all of the pieces you’re juggling.

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Letting Go Of Things That No Longer Serve You


Sometimes we care about too many things that don’t really benefit us in the long run. We carry them around with us thinking they are essential to out lives without considering the possibility that we’re just doing it out of habit or fear and that maybe, just maybe, we’d progress a little faster if we didn’t carry all the extra baggage. Continue reading →

Don’t Rush Your Come Up: Faith, Persistence & Patience

cropHappy Tuesday Everybody!!!!

Today’s post was inspired by this post from Myleik Teele (if you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I admire her work) and what makes it extra special is the fact that the amazing Denise over at Thoughts By Juvane also wrote a wonderful piece on the subject and you should definitely check it out! Her blog is very inspiring, her posts incredibly well thought out and definitely worth reading. A link to her post will be down below!

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The Courage To Leap

DSC_0391My first language is Portuguese. That’s the language in which I learned how to speak, that’s the language we used in school, that’s the language I first used to give meaning to things. In Portuguese, years with 366 days are called what roughly translates to “year with two sixes” or “‘double six’ year”. The idea of a “leap year” or “leaping”, of having an extra day, an extra opportunity wasn’t something I ever thought about every 4 years when February 29th came around. Continue reading →

How To Help Others Without Hindering Yourself

DSC_0438croppedRecently I’ve been battling with putting limits on how much of myself I give to others. The concept of being a good friend leads us to believe that selflessness means doing for others without question or limitations and I don’t know about you but that approach seems to always come back to bite me in the butt.

There’s also the issue of knowing when and how to mix business and friendship (if at all) and how to handle situations when we feel more invested in others’ businesses or ideas than they are themselves.

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What I Read in 2015 & Reading Goals for 2016 (#MenaReads)


2015 was a really good year for me in terms of books and things I read. I managed to come across a lot of books that steered me to looking deeper within myself and facing some personal issues and blockages that were keeping me from reaching my highest potential and I plan on maintaining that as a focus for 2016.

I’m generally very much attracted to anything self-help, self-improvement, personal growth, shadow work etc., so it makes sense that most of the books I’m about to mention fall into these categories. I’m also very much into health and understanding the human body with a focus on holistic health and homeopathy so some of the books here will also be about that too.  Continue reading →