Productivity Hacks For The Busy and Overwhelmed

photo-1461088945293-0c17689e48acIt’s a distinctive sign of growth when you start seeing things not by their common meaning but in terms of how you can use them to grow and become a better person.

Over the last 30 days I’ve re-defined a lot of concepts I once thought of as negative and used them to better my time¬†management skills and increase my productivity. Continue reading →


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!


Amazing performers at the Wuhan Government Foreign Affairls Department Chinese New Year Gala

No matter how you feel about this statement it won’t seize to be true. You won’t get far without a team and I’ll tell you why.

If you’re anything like me, this hurts you deep in your soul because you’re probably the type of person who prefers to do everything by yourself and are very independent with everything you do and you’re very proud of that. Unfortunately for people like us, this tactic won’t get us very far as much as I hate to admit it and here are the reasons why. Continue reading →

‘Finished’ is Better Than ‘Perfect’

Wuhan New Energy Institute (The Calla Lily Building). The architect thought it wasn't perfect but said he's glad it's finished!

Wuhan New Energy Institute (The Calla Lily Building). The architect thought it wasn’t perfect but said he’s glad it’s finished and I am too.

It wasn’t until recently that the question of whether or not excellence was necessary for us to succeed was put in front of me. I mean, what do you mean “is it necessary”?¬†Isn’t excellence essential? Isn’t excellence what separates the people who “kind of” want it from the people who actually do?

Maybe not. Continue reading →

Accountability: Who’s Keeping You in Check?


My planners and calendar for the year

I’ve always felt that setting goals was easy. At least it is for me. I genuinely enjoy making plans, setting schedules and generally “organizing” life. I’m so good at it that I sometimes feel like most of what I do is set goals and schedule things for the fun of it but never really achieve them or at least not completely.

After analyzing my last year’s goals and checking up on how much I actually got done I realized that I, like a lot of people, fall into the category of planners and not doers and this needs to change. Continue reading →