The Power Of VISION: How To Make An Awesome 2016 Vision Board

As promised we are back on youtube and it feels so good!

In-keeping with the previous blog post I decided to make a video showing you how I made my 2016 vision board and giving a sneak peek at the goal setting method I’m experimenting with this year! Continue reading →


The Little Engine That Assumed it Couldn’t: How To Stop Underestimating Your Abilities


Thumbnail from a youtube video I did a while back. Link to the video will be at the end of this post.

This is a story about how science helped me stop underestimating my abilities and increased my courage to try new things. Continue reading →

It’s been a minute.

Hey guys! I know it’s been a while but school has just been treacherous and unforgiving and life happens and I just haven’t had the time to be here but hopefully as soon as the semester’s over in about 3-4 weeks I’ll be back full time and we’ll get back to figuring things out 🙂

In the meantime you can entertain yourselves with my poor attempt and Vlogging Every Day in April (VEDA). It wasn’t anywhere near everyday but hey… To try but fail is better than to never try right? Hopefully I’ll have my shit together for next time 😀


Let me know what you’ve all been up to in the comments!!


Money Talks [1]: Spending, Saving and Investing

Hello! And welcome to the blog!

In this first installment of the Money Talks series we’ll be talking about the importance of knowing about money and how to manage it, specially in a moment where financial literacy is the difference between those who make money and get rich and those who make money but are still broke. I’m far from an expert in this and I’m learning as I go but I thought it was important to get the discussion going and hopefully I can learn as much from you guys as you can learn from me. I’ll be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly of my experiments with getting rich or mooching off of friends and family for the rest of my life dying trying. Continue reading →