About Figuring Things Out


Figuring Things Out is a space created by Filomena Mairosse, also known as Sunshine Mena, for young adults to share experiences with personal grown and finance, and to help them prepare for all the new financial challenges coming into our lives as we grow in age and also to help deal with the events and emotions that arise while growing older and wiser.

FTO is a safe space to learn, share experiences and ask the difficult questions in regards to planning our lives financially, making and achieving life goals, and managing time and tasks. It focuses on motivating each and every one of it’s readers to strive for more, to invest in their skills and work smart to make the most out of our lives while still enjoying the pleasures of being young. It is never too late nor ever too early to invest in your financial education, to become more productive with your time or to become an overall more well-rounded individual.

Our focus is to help you become the best version of you possible!

– Founder Filomena Mairosse is a Mozambican architecture student with a passion for self-improvement and personal finance, currently based in Wuhan, China. Multi-talented and passionate, she also writes about architecture on The Afrospective Architecture Project and runs a personal style blog on The VGC Aesthetic.

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