Consistency, Codependency and Living Without a Plan

gut-feelingIt’s hard enough keeping up with the things you absolutely have to do to survive or to keep your life somewhat together. Where it gets ridiculous is when you factor in the responsibilities of adulthood (or something along those lines) and the sensitivity of time. Is balance a myth? How do you keep your life together and moving forward without having a panic attack every day? Continue reading →


Impostor Syndrome And The Truth About Creativity

It's me! Some 20+ Years ago.

It’s me! Some 20+ Years ago.

I woke up one day a few weeks back feeling like an impostor. It seemed like I was pretending to be all of the different things I consider myself to be or aspire to be and I felt very undeserving of the tittles I was giving myself. Architect? Writer? Fashion Designer? Blogger? Creative Consultant? I felt like an impostor.

Does this sound familiar? Continue reading →