Is Reading Enough?

IMG_4450Is the amount of things we read enough to justify having “knowledge” if we don’t apply what we’ve learned? Continue reading →


Money Talks [4]: Saving


There are many points of view when it comes to saving. Most people advocate for it, some people prefer focusing on investing in stocks and bonds as a more reliable way of saving money. Since I personally am not in a position to start formally investing just yet I’m creating a sort of “nest egg” while I learn about formal investing and decide how I want to go about it. Whether you’re using a formal government saving plan like a pension plan or just choosing to do it on your own through savings accounts, I believe Continue reading →

On Books and Reading


Books I read in 2014

Happy New Year everybody!

Hope you’re all doing ok and had a wonderful holiday season! May this year be filled with positivity and may we all achieve any and everything we set out to do!

I wanted to start the year off with a little reflection on the past year but instead of talking about what I did or wish I’d done last year I’ve decided to focus solely on the more positive notes so why not talk about reading?!

Books are my absolute favorite toy. Books are filled with so much information and they entice and stimulate the imagination in a way other forms of media can’t. Now, I do acknowledge that reading might not be everybody’s favorite thing to do and even though I personally think reading is a habit that is worth developing, not everybody is inclined in that direction. According to NRP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Continue reading →