“Money Isn’t Everything” and Other Misconceptions About Happiness

DSC_0907You’ve probably heard people around you say things like ‘money isn’t everything’ or using it’s cousin ‘you can’t buy happiness’ at least once in your life. As much as most of us may be inclined to agree, we also tend to feel one thousand times better when we have a good cushion in the bank instead of a negative balance. Attempting to sort out how I felt about these statements after just getting out of a very long period of having a negative bank balance a few things came to mind. Continue reading →

The Ups & Downs of Effective Change

DSC_0428I’ve been experiencing a slight case of writers block. Slight being an understatement. Actually, it’s not so much writer’s block as it is dissatisfaction with the things I’ve tried to write about recently and maybe that’s the issue: I might be trying too hard. Continue reading →

The Little Engine That Assumed it Couldn’t: How To Stop Underestimating Your Abilities


Thumbnail from a youtube video I did a while back. Link to the video will be at the end of this post.

This is a story¬†about how science helped me stop underestimating my abilities and increased my courage to try new things. Continue reading →

Impostor Syndrome And The Truth About Creativity

It's me! Some 20+ Years ago.

It’s me! Some 20+ Years ago.

I woke up one day a few weeks back feeling like an impostor. It seemed like I was pretending to be all of the different things I consider myself to be or aspire to be and I felt very undeserving of the tittles I was giving myself. Architect? Writer? Fashion Designer? Blogger? Creative Consultant? I felt like an impostor.

Does this sound familiar? Continue reading →

You Don’t Need To Sit At The Table, Just Be In The Room!


Women Of Wuhan brunch sometime last year

There’s a thing about being around greatness that just inspires you to do better for yourself. It doesn’t really matter how (un)prepared you feel for whatever your goal is, just surrounding yourself with people who fit your definition of success or are doing things you’d like to do someday tends to boost your own motivation to do better. Continue reading →