Connections, Communities, Changes & Challenges

2014-01-Boeing-Runway-Aircraft-PlaneA wise man once said something very wise. In fact, many wise men have said many wise things. What we tend to forget is that wisdom, a lot of times, comes from moments where you had absolutely no idea what you were doing and simply decided to do something.

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The Courage To Leap

DSC_0391My first language is Portuguese. That’s the language in which I learned how to speak, that’s the language we used in school, that’s the language I first used to give meaning to things. In Portuguese, years with 366 days are called what roughly translates to “year with two sixes” or “‘double six’ year”. The idea of a “leap year” or “leaping”, of having an extra day, an extra opportunity wasn’t something I ever thought about every 4 years when February 29th came around. Continue reading →