Saying Yes To What You Want


It’s Me!

This is not to be confused with accepting what is given to you.

Not all that is given to you is wanted. Not all of what you want will be given to you (nor should). Vocalizing what you want, loudly, with intention and certainty in your voice, affirmatively and definitively, in the present tense, is very different than “not saying no” and creates a very different kind of life. When you simply accept what is given, you leave your happiness to chance. When you actively say yes to the things you want (and consequently no to the ones you don’t) you get to decide what stays and what goes. Continue reading →

A Lesson On Sacrificing For The Greater Good

It’s hard to make out the difference between a gut feeling that something isn’t for you and the fear or resistance to change from your old self. Having been allowed the opportunity to re-do something, to approach it with a different attitude, to be more present and learn to appreciate it the second time around, I chose to believe my issue was the latter. ‘I’m probably still not seeing things for the blessing that they are’ I told myself. ‘I just need to work a little harder.’ Continue reading →

Letting Go Of Things That No Longer Serve You


Sometimes we care about too many things that don’t really benefit us in the long run. We carry them around with us thinking they are essential to out lives without considering the possibility that we’re just doing it out of habit or fear and that maybe, just maybe, we’d progress a little faster if we didn’t carry all the extra baggage. Continue reading →

Money Talks: Reasons Why You Can’t Save Money

DSC_0921I’ve been sort of running away from discussing money topics for a while now because I’ve been having trouble understanding why was it that after figuring out how to make more money and being familiar with lots and lots of money saving methods and having saved so successfully in the past, I still managed to return to zero savings on a somewhat regular basis. It was a cycle: I’d make money, save for a while, say 6 months, and then blow it all on random things. I could not figure out why this was or how to get out of this cycle so staying true to my geeky self I decided that this year I was going to figure it out and I did just that. Continue reading →

Don’t Rush Your Come Up: Faith, Persistence & Patience

cropHappy Tuesday Everybody!!!!

Today’s post was inspired by this post from Myleik Teele (if you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I admire her work) and what makes it extra special is the fact that the amazing Denise over at Thoughts By Juvane also wrote a wonderful piece on the subject and you should definitely check it out! Her blog is very inspiring, her posts incredibly well thought out and definitely worth reading. A link to her post will be down below!

Now let’s get into it! Continue reading →