A Letter to My Present-Day Self

Red-flowers-in-a-meadow-on-a-background-sunsetI know if feels like everything around you is falling apart. I know you it feels like you’ve disappointed the people around you and that you could have done more or should have handled things better. The weight of the world falls heavily on your (almost) 24-year-old shoulders and you’re afraid you’ll drop all of the pieces you’re juggling.

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A Lesson On Sacrificing For The Greater Good

It’s hard to make out the difference between a gut feeling that something isn’t for you and the fear or resistance to change from your old self. Having been allowed the opportunity to re-do something, to approach it with a different attitude, to be more present and learn to appreciate it the second time around, I chose to believe my issue was the latter. ‘I’m probably still not seeing things for the blessing that they are’ I told myself. ‘I just need to work a little harder.’ Continue reading →