Productivity Hacks For The Busy and Overwhelmed

photo-1461088945293-0c17689e48acIt’s a distinctive sign of growth when you start seeing things not by their common meaning but in terms of how you can use them to grow and become a better person.

Over the last 30 days I’ve re-defined a lot of concepts I once thought of as negative and used them to better my time┬ámanagement skills and increase my productivity.


Not so great if you schedule things in terms of hours, but it works wonders if you schedule things in blocks of time. Dividing your day into 4h blocks lets you know you have 4 usable chunks of time per day to focus and work on something. Chunks of time would look something like this:

  • Block #1: 4am-8am
  • Block #2: 9am-1pm
  • Block #3: 2pm-6pm
  • Block #4: 7pm-11pm

You can adjust your resting times to better fit your needs but this is a pretty good estimate of how one would divide their time for maximum productivity and realistic expectations on how much you can get done in a day. This allows you to focus on one particular task for enough time to get a good amount of work done and teaches you to be realistic about the amount of productive work you can do in a day.


Some people take “busy” as a sign of productivity. Most times it isn’t. You can make yourself busy with a lot of things that don’t really yield any worthwhile results. The lesson here is identifying what truly imparts change in your life and in the lives of those around you and focus your energy on those things.

Overwhelm is currently re-defined in my personal dictionary as a checkpoint for busyness and a measure of my personal expectations about time. It’s a reminder to focus on the things that produce real value and to be reasonable about the amount of work I can do in a day.


Is teaching me the value of automating rituals/routines and self-care. You can’t be at your best if you keep making reoccurring decisions everyday. That decision process requires brainpower that could have been used towards something that cannot be automated. I would take a day out of the week (usually Sunday) to plan my meals, my clothes for the week, my workouts and made those decisions once, eliminating the need to make reoccurring decisions daily.

All of these “hacks” for increasing in productivity are all a result of changing our perspective on things we usually think of as negative and using them to my advantage. If we spent more time doing this instead of complaining about how bad things are, think of how much better our lives would be?

What do you do to be more productive? Any particular hacks that have helped you be more productive? Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Leave them all below!

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