Connections, Communities, Changes & Challenges

2014-01-Boeing-Runway-Aircraft-PlaneA wise man once said something very wise. In fact, many wise men have said many wise things. What we tend to forget is that wisdom, a lot of times, comes from moments where you had absolutely no idea what you were doing and simply decided to do something.

Moving back home was the one thing I looked forward to all year. As sad as it was to even think about being away from some of my closest friends, separated by countries, continents and time zones, the prospect of being in an environment where the creative fields are blooming, where you can smell the entrepreneurship in the air, where people for the most part just “get” you, not to mention, truly and naturally blue skies and clean air was all I could think of.

People say it takes courage, drive and motivation to achieve your goals but if there’s one thing I’ve learned is that environment plays a more important part in our success than we think.


Being around like-minded people on a consistent basis is a severely underrated asset. Having people with similar values, aspirations, with an intense motivation to not only create great things but to work as hard as necessary and as smart as possible to make things happen is priceless. Yes, communities can be built anywhere but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll connect with the community you’ve built.


Through our journeys we tend to find countless people whose company we might enjoy, people we can see ourselves working with, people who we consider good, kind and hardworking but connecting with someone or with a group of people takes more than that. Getting to a point where you not only enjoy someone’s company but actually look forward to it daily, having people who you not only respect but also admire and aspire to be like, having people who don’t try to make you better but instill in you a sense of wanting to be better by yourself and for yourself… This is what I mean by connection. It’s good to have people in your community who you vibe with but having people you connect with is way better.

Build communities. Find connections.


A new environment doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be a good one. The actual process of change tends to move a lot of things around including ideals and values. Learning how to manage those changes on top of attempting to build a community and finding connections can be stressful. There are also “small” things like conveniences that sometimes makes adapting to a new environment harder but you have to be willing to accept that your situation won’t always be the same, your surroundings won’t always be the same, your financial condition won’t always be the same, etc.

The only constant thing is change.


I have to admit that out of all the challenges I was already expecting I did not foresee this: going from living by myself to living in a house with 5 other people. Living by yourself you get into your own routines, you like your house a certain way, you’re very much in control of how much interaction you have with people and living in a family setting you just don’t have that luxury. I remember having a bit of a breakdown over how much talking was done from sunup to sundown. I’d gotten too used to being by myself most of the time.

There were also a few things that I wasn’t used to anymore like certain tendency towards negativity or negative talk, unnecessary complaining… Things I worked really hard to unlearn that are now around me more often than I’d like. I’m looking for ways to not let them affect me. Choosing to spend more time with my community (which I’m so grateful for) and less time around everything else is the main plan but most importantly I want to do my best to be a positive influence on the people around me.

At the end of the day it’s all a learning process and the most important thing is to get as many lessons as you can from it. I’m extremely happy to be home though and there’s no other place I’d rather be right now. The amazing things that are coming out of Mozambique fascinate me everyday and I’m grateful and humbled for being physically here and directly contribute to this renaissance of the Mozambican people.

A few updates: I have an Instagram!! Feel free to follow me there if you want to get a glimpse of the beauty of Mozambique and what I’ve been up to. I’m on Twitter as well and I’ve been live tweeting a bunch of events I attend and sharing lots and lots of lessons from them so you should definitely check me out there. Lastly, I’ve been writing on Medium, LimkedIn Pulse, La Na Facul and Alma Inkika as well so if you want more awesome things to read during the week you can find me on any of the platforms above!

Many more things to come and I’ll be sharing them with you very soon!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave them all below!

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