The Courage To Leap

DSC_0391My first language is Portuguese. That’s the language in which I learned how to speak, that’s the language we used in school, that’s the language I first used to give meaning to things. In Portuguese, years with 366 days are called what roughly translates to “year with two sixes” or “‘double six’ year”. The idea of a “leap year” or “leaping”, of having an extra day, an extra opportunity wasn’t something I ever thought about every 4 years when February 29th came around.

1. jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.

Leap Year, A Year To Leap 

Not in the sense of “we only get to leap once every four years” but more as in ever so often, we’re given an extra day, an extra opportunity to live our lives to the fullest, to do something great, to achieve something we thought unachievable, to love our families, to take better care of our bodies, to correct yesterday’s mistakes…

I’ve been thinking about the concept of leaping a lot recently and about all the fears that keep us from reaching our greatest potentials and just imagining all of the things we could accomplish if we just threw ourselves into our passions 100%. Have you ever thought about that? About jumping full force into the things you love, about not worrying if there’s a safety net to catch you or about the possible scrapes and bruises but just jumping in and enjoying the ride? Or maybe even, if you’re bold enough, to contemplate the possibility that you might just land on your feet? Or even better than that, that you might even realize flying was your calling all along?

It’s very scary to embrace things like total and complete devotion and commitment to something and understandably so. We’ve seen others fail, we might have experienced failures ourselves in the past and the experiences often tend to be unpleasant. But I’m starting to wonder if maybe, the possible positive outcomes of that type of dedication might be better than the bag of “what ifs” we’ve all gotten used to carrying. That maybe, just the idea, the possibility of succeeding and the feeling that comes along with it might even make up for all the worrying. I mean, we worry even when we’re not doing anything so what difference would it make to sprinkle on to that the thrill of possibly succeeding?

After spending years and years “sort of” dabbing into my passions and “testing out” the many things I’m interested in and not getting very far, or not nearly as far as I know I could have gotten, isn’t it time for a new approach? Isn’t the definition of madness doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results? How long have I been doing that? How long have you?

Taking The Leap

This year will be dedicated to leaping. To jumping full force into all of the things I’ve been “sort of” doing, dropping the “sort of” and committing to just doing. To truly and wholeheartedly embrace the things I’ve been scared to commit to and see where this new approach takes me. Wouldn’t it be amazing to know what fearlessness (or acting despite fear) feels like? After all, if it all fails we can always go back to being fearful right?

And if that wasn’t convincing enough…

Go ahead “leap!” Every four years on this day, February 29, we are reminded that it’s OK to “leap!”.
Today is a day like no other. It’s extra. It’s a bonus. It’s a freebie from the gods. And if there were ever a time to “leap” now is the time.
In fact, why not make it a “quantum leap?” Grab hold of your biggest, most impossible dreams and take a giant quantum “leap” to the next level!
Of course believing in your talent, and believing that the work you do is relevant and worthy, and mustering up the courage to push the giant boulder up the mountain every day, is already a leap. It’s a “leap of faith” in yourself, and you don’t need a special day to do that.

– J. Michael Dolan

My 2016 keeps restarting each month and I’ve decided to embrace that as well. After all, we are entitled to restart, reboot, refocus and redo as many times as necessary until we are completely satisfied with the results we get and that’s what I’m committing to. Let me know if you’ll be taking the leap this year in any area of your life and what your action plan is if you have one (I have not a plan in sight and I’m leaping anyway). Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Leave them all below!

Happy Leap Year!





  1. Hon, I’m a leap frog, I do tend to leap, chase my passions bla bla, but now I am being a lot cautious. I.E now I want to see that net before I leap! Ps interesting to know your first language is Portuguese. ( :


    1. That is so amazing! I’ve always admired people who can just naturally go for it! I’m a natural born overthinker trying to learn how to trust myself more and go for things 🙂


  2. I always love coming to read your blog after a while. It’s always a pleasant catch up and nice to read your thoughts. Stay alert i’ll also be returning soon 🙂


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