Mid Year Goal Review

My vision boards for the year

My vision boards for the year

Has it really been 6 months already? I feel like the year just started yesterday and I was just putting up my vision board for the year! Time really does fly.

2014 is the first time I’m attempting to really set goals and stick to them (vision board and all) and it’s been an interesting experience so far (hey, my wall has never looked better and it adds character to the room which I really like). But it wasn’t until I saw Hey Fran Hey’s Facebook post where she said she was reviewing her goals for the year and taking account of how much of them she achieved and resetting them (and even setting new ones) for the second half of the year when I realized I haven’t been keeping myself accountable or better yet, I haven’t been keeping track of how active I’m being about making sure my goals for the year are met which lead me to want to write this post so I could see how I’m doing and also check in with you guys on how you’re checking off your goal list for the year.

After much thought and after listening to Myleik Teele’s podcast on vision boards I realized that my vision board lacked an action plan.

By definition, a vision board is supposed to be a collection of the things you want to do or have just to put the message out there to the universe that you want them and by the law of attraction they will come to you. You should look at it everyday, multiple times a day if you can and “believe” that you’ll get them. You’re not supposed to focus on the hows, the universe will take care of that and by fairy dust and angel tears they will come to you.

Now, I am a firm believer that belief will get you half way there but I’m also a believer of doing what you can with what you have and I think the real message here is actually to just do something. From my personal experience, it’s easy to get complacent about your goals and “forget” about them. It’s necessary to set an action plan. Write down the actions you are going to take that will take you one step closer to your goals and stick them under that picture you put up on your vision board of what you want. That will keep you in a constant state of action towards getting what you want and once you’ve completed action one you add a second action and so on and so forth and in time the picture might still be there on your vision board but the actions you’re taking will have changed and evolved since that initial step and you’ll be closer and closer to achieving said goal.

I feel like I’ve been really inconsistent and not as active as I should be about my goals and I might have just been missing a clear action plan. You don’t need to know the entire plan or even work out every single detail but you can decide on a few simple actions you can take to get you closer to that goal.

There are a few things you can do to better your vision board to help you be more active about achieving your goals and the first and most important thing to remember is that it’s never too late to make new year’s resolutions or set goals or even make and reevaluate your vision board.

  • Having a theme for the year, a word or mantra that sets the tone to the kind of year you want to have. At the beginning of the year I set my theme to be “Learn”. This was going to be the year I would learn how to perfect certain areas I feel I’m lacking but as the year went on and especially now that I sat down to review my goals I realized my issue was not that I lack in skill. “Discipline” was also a strong contender for a replacement theme but it ended up making me feel more guilty and depressed about not having the discipline/will power to sit down and work on what I wanted to do. My issue is that I haven’t committed to learning them (the skills I need) and perfecting them for long enough so they could develop. So I changed my theme to “Commit” and things are starting to make sense now.
  • Setting a clear action plan towards achieving your goals also helps. I also felt like I hadn’t set a clear action plan to getting the things I want so I’ve decided to add those to my vision board. My actions are simple, let’s take this blog for example. One of my plans for the year was to blog consistently, to create and upload content consistently and from the time stamps on my previous entries it’s clear that hasn’t been working very well. To be able to post content consistently you have to create content consistently so the action I’ve decided to take is to write every Sunday. That’s it. Just write every single Sunday. It doesn’t have to be a well thought out or planned blog post or even a coherent idea for that matter. Heck, I don’t even have to finish it. But I will write. Every. Single. Sunday. I won’t edit as I write (another thing that sometimes keeps me from posting). I’ll type out my thoughts until my brain glitches and then I’ll stop. The following week I’ll write something else and when I’m done with that then I’ll edit the post/idea I wrote the previous Sunday and post that. The main thing to take here is that I’m committing to writing every single Sunday and that is the action I’m taking towards being a content creator.
  • Having a clear reward attached to your goal also makes it easier to stick to it. I’ve always wanted my house room to reflect me and I’ve always been a little obsessed with organizing but I’ve never ever ever decorated anything but always felt like that was something I wanted to do. I wanted my space to be pretty and to be a place I felt happy to be in so I’ve decided to stop making excuses (like “this is a waste of time”) and start decorating my dorm room and it’s been so nice waking up to flowers in my room that I don’t know why I didn’t do this earlier. But on the other hand I don’t have a clear reward for exercising. I don’t want to lose weight, I feel like I’m pretty toned and I eat well so the aesthetic rewards don’t really motivate me therefor I don’t stick with it. So my one current action towards exercising consistently is finding a reason/reward that motivates me to exercise (I found a book that might be just the thing I’m looking for so my next step will be to read that book and hopefully I’ll find my reason/reward).

And that’s about it! Hope this was helpful (I definitely needed it). Hope you’re on track with your goals and that you’ve had a productive year so far and remember, you are a work in progress so stumbling is normal, just make sure to stumble forward and learn from everything life throws at you.


Let me know how the year has been so far! If you have any extra tips on vision boards, goal setting and how to stick to your goals or suggestions on anything really, please leave them in the comments below!


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